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A Complete solution for submitting your site in the web directory.

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Directory Submission

Directory Submission is a Traditional way of link building technique. It is a common practice under off page SEO. You can submit your website addresses in a specific category. If you have a online training website like digital majhi then you are supposed to submit your web address under education category.

In directory submission, The Category is the most important factor you should consider. Before starting directory submission you should figure out the related categories for your website. For example, If you have a BEAUTY PRODUCT related website. Then you could consider cosmetics, natural beauty these types of categories.

Process of Submission

It is a wise decision to write down all the information's about your website in a spreadsheet or word document. Then click the first one of the old directory submission sites list in this page. Then find submit button and click on it. Then you can see a blank form. There you need to put your website information's. And then just click on submit button. That's it. All Done.  

Don't submit all of the old directory submission sites in a single day. If you want to get the optimum level of success from this list, then try to make this natural. Make 5 of them in each day. It will be better for your website.


1. What is Old Directory Submission Sites?

Answer: Websites that offer directory submission and aged old are called Old Directory Submission Sites.

2. Is there any difference between old directory and new directory submission sites?

Answer: Yes, Old directory websites are stablished and run their services years after year. And maintain a good PA & DA score. In the other hand, New directory websites are developing their services recently. So They are not stablished yet. And they don't have good value in PA and DA score.

3. 'Old Directory Submission sites list' - Is it a new concept?

Answer: No, Actually Everyone is running after the PA and Da score also find Do Follow Web directories. But Web master's ignore this important factor. Think again, If you get backlinks from Aged old websites. It will help your ranking. As well as trustworthiness.

4. Is there any restriction from Search Engines to follow Old Directories?

Answer: No, Not Yet.

5. 'Submission in Old Directories' - Is it a white Hat Method?

Answer: Yes, Sure.

Author Recommendation

I have mentioned several times that SEO is the most dynamic way. So, you have to follow several strategies and probably the most unique one. Old Directory Submission for making backlink is one of the unique strategies you can follow.

Besides, you can make press release, guest post, bookmarking, blog commenting also. Don't stuck in a specific procedure for building back links. Trying 3-4 method daily basis is a good idea.

You can make a pre plan for building backlinks. That mean's, you have the plan of how much backlink you will make in a day, week and month. Also which strategy you follow for how much backlinks for a day, week and month. 


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