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Just scroll down and meet the Digital Majhi Team.

Our page heading is "A willpower page for beloved people". Digital Majhi is a simple website that publish Digital Marketing content. Anyone, in any age, can learn Digital Marketing here. We found lot of contents in search engines. We explore them. There are variety of information's in there. Some are discussed broadly and some are shortly. So-that, we decided to launch a website that is easy to understand and free to access.

Who We Are


We are a small Team. We are trying to develop a website for our students, marketers, specially for digital marketers. This site will be a guide for everyone. They will use this site like a checklist. If they forget anything just visit and check the checklist. If they need any tools, themes or plugins just visit us and grab what they need. We are developing a hub that is easily accessible and free.

What Matters to us


We want to create our every page is ideal for all. We want to establish our tools page that is standard for our student. Want to create the best on page SEO, off page SEO checklist for our followers. Want to make them properly and keep update regularly. People are seeking those page and follow those page to get success. We want to create every page a SEO expert needs.

What we do


We are creating scopes for every age people in our country. Scope of extra earning facility. Earning facility by making their Digital Marketing skills to the next level. Skills of keywords, page optimization, ranking on google and gaining google ads. Showing ads on their web page and making passive money gradually, that is our motto. 

How can we do it


We are creating content that is easy to understand. Mostly our student's are providing those content to us. We refine those codes and makes that as much easy as possible. Our well wishers are accessing those content and provide feedback to us before publishing. So-that, we can fix those and make it ultralight easy for our followers. 

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