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  • Developing the Digital Marketing skill step by step;
  • Understanding the algorithm of Search Engine; 
  • Relative Social Media Marketing;
  • Editing Videos for Facebook & YouTube Creator Studio;
  • Understanding Google Ads & Google AdSense;
  • Implementing Affiliate Marketing;
  • Reaching target audiences and make sales;
  • Generating revenue from a Online based business.

Most popular Passive Earning Topics of all time

Make Money with Google AdSense

One of the best passive earning way of all time. 


1. Age 18+

2. A Webpage

3. Webpage ownership

4. Webpage have easy to use Navigation

5. Content 100% Unique

6. Abide by all the rules & regulation of Google AdSense

Make Money with Social Media

Most trending way! 


1. Age 18+

2. Vast knowledge about Facebook Paid Marketing

3. Basic ideas about Facebook organic marketing

4. Good knowledge about Facebook Creator Studio

5. Understanding the relation between Facebook and Instagram

6. Basic knowledge about other Social Media 

Make Money with YouTube

Most popular way now-a-days. 


1. Age 18+ 

2. A YouTube Channel 

3. 1000 Subscribers

4. 4000 hours watch time from last 365 days

5. A linked Google AdSense account

6. Abide by all the policies of YouTube Partner Program

Make Money with Amazon Affiliate

Needs lot of Patience with a little investment for Amazon Affiliate.


1. Age 18+

2. A Website

3. Paid/Non paid Tools

4. Content/Buying Guide

5. Vast knowledge about keywords and SEO

6. Abide by all the rules of Amazon affiliate program

Traditional Active Earning from Freelance Marketplace

Most Popular Freelance Marketplace

Be Your Own Boss. Freedom in workplace. Freedom in worktime. 

What is Digital Marketing? (In Simple Words)

Digital Marketing ≈ Online Marketing

Digital Marketing is promoting products or services or ideas in a electronic device using Internet.

Secrets of Digital Marketing Strategy in Online Businesses


SAAS (Software As A Service)

Subscription basis service. Basically they are selling memberships. Netflix, Microsoft, Adobe, Mailchimp, VPN, Antivirus, Keyword Research Tool etc. 



Selling skills online. Marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, SJ Innovation etc.


Affiliate Marketing

Offering products and services to promote and sell. Commission based on per action or sell. Amazon, Click Bank, CPA Network, Udemy etc.


Content Creation

Offer monetization or partnership. Create-promote-attention to grow. Blog, Facebook, YouTube etc.


Online Store

Ecommerce based business. Product can be physical or digital. Amazon, Alibaba, eBay etc. 

Theory of Search Engine Optimization for Web Master's


On Page SEO

On Page SEO refers the course of actions taken in a website’s backend. In simple words, On Page SEO is making user friendly webpages for the Search Engine as well as Web Visitors.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers the course of action taken to make visible the webpages in the Search Engine. In simple words, crawling and indexing by Search BOT to make sure the web visibility.


Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO refers the course of action taken to promote the webpages. In simple words, Off Page SEO done outside of a website’s backend and made linking pyramid to rank on SERP.

Content Creation is Fun

  • Written

  • picture

  • Audio-video


Is writing a content fun? Maximum people answer 'NO'.

You are not used to with this but you need unique content for your blog or page. So how can you manage unique articles?  

1. You could hire a freelance writer for your written content. Your answer is "It is expensive." 

2. You could spin existing articles. Your answer is "It is against google copyright policy." 

3. You could write by the help of AI tech. Your answer is "It still against google copyright policy." What is Copyright?

So write your content by yourself. It is the only way to make unique article.


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